15 Best Websites Like UserTesting (Alternatives) 2024

Do you want to find the best UserTesting alternatives? Don’t look any further. User testing is a useful tool for evaluating a product’s performance and making prototypes, but everyone has better choices. Users may consider leaving the UserTesting site because of factors such as price, features, functionality, and the range of services available. If that sounds like you, keep reading. To make your search easier, I tried out several different tools and put together a list of the ten best options for UserTesting.

User testing sites are a way to make extra money if you are good at paying attention to details or want to try something new. But many sites say they will pay you to test apps and websites, and most of them are just a waste of time. Now, the question is which paid sites will give you the most return on your time.

Trying things out and seeing what works is definitely not the best way to do it. It would be much more helpful to do proper study first. This is where this help comes in. This guide was made to help you choose the best-paid user testing sites. I have tried hundreds of free ways to make extra money online and MANY user testing platforms.

Best Websites Like UserTesting for Products

A lot of people use UserTesting to test apps, games, and websites and get paid for it. People have been getting paid to test websites, and the least you could make on UserTesting is $15 or more.

There are other great websites like UserTesting that you can use instead of this one. You can also get paid to test these sites. If you test on these sites, you could make at least $30 an hour.

1. IntelliZoom

This website, IntelliZoom, might be great for you if you’re willing to take tests and get paid after 21 days. Survey questions on this website let users take tests, and it’s easy.

IntelliZoom lets you pay with PayPal. The funds will be sent to your IntelliZoom account and, after 21 days, to your PayPal account. One of the best sites, like UserTesting, that you can use instead is this one. You can always try it out for free.

2. UXtweak

You can use UXtweak’s information architecture study and user behavior analytics to test the usability of websites and web apps at all stages, from prototypes to live sites. This platform stands out as a cheaper choice to UserTesting because it offers more flexible pricing options and all the important features, plus more, in one easy-to-use location.

3. Lookback

It’s easy to use Lookback to run both controlled and unmoderated online user tests. It’s a good choice for people who don’t need help getting people to take part because it doesn’t have a user panel.

You can talk to other users and see how they respond in moderated tests on the platform, which is known for them. The app also makes it easy to make notes and keep track of what you see.

4. Userbrain

It’s worth mentioning that Userbrain has simple plans and reasonable prices. Though they’re a newer company, they don’t offer any extra features, but they’re a good option to UserTesting for basic, unmoderated prototype testing.

Their service offers voiceover video results with the option to add notes and comments.

5. User Crowd

It makes sense that User Crowd pays the least for testing, since people can only test for designs and logos. It’s not the same as UserTesting, but it can be useful too.

On this site, you can get paid anywhere from $0.20 to $1, and you can do more than one test as well. There aren’t many limits on who can use User Crowd. The site isn’t quite as well paid as UserTesting, but it’s really simple to use.

6. Validately

Most big businesses, like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, use Validately to get people to test their products. The website is good, and users will get full marks on any test they take. One bad thing about Validately is that it doesn’t need live meetings. To test goods and services live, you’ll need to do so. For most people, that makes it a no-no sometimes, but the pay is great.

Validately only lets you run one test per week, so it’s not easy to get goods to test. Even after all the scrutiny, Validately is still a great option to UserTesting.

7. Userlytics

Userlytics is another good option for user testing. It has a lot of tools and prices aren’t too high. You should think about this platform, especially if you don’t care about how the tool looks, even though the user interface might look old.

8. UserZoom

You can use UserZoom instead of UserTesting for both moderated and unmoderated user tests. It’s made for businesses that do enterprise-level research and comes with a full set of tools for user testing. Keep in mind that its prices tend to be higher because it offers enterprise-level services.

9. UsabilityHub

You can also use UsabilityHub (now Lyssna), which is a good tool for user testing and research, to find out how satisfied your customers are and get useful information. They let you start tests, like prototype tests, five-second tests, car sorting tests, or tree testing polls. At the moment, they can only do unmoderated user testing and not live web or app user testing.

10. Maze

With their 5 user testing tools, the usability testing app lets you get both quantitative and qualitative information about your customers. You can also get to the user panel and use some simple analytics tools.

11. TestingTime

You can trust TestingTime, and they will pay you to take part in their user tests. For each test, you get paid a good amount. You can also make money by getting other people to join.

They will let you pick the payment method you want to use after you finish your first usage test. You can pick to be paid through PayPal or a straight bank transfer. For each test you do, you can get up to €50 an hour.

But remember that you will only be able to test once a month at most. Not expecting to make a lot of money from this site every month. Overall, though, I think it’s still one of the best user testing sites to join since you can make a good amount of money trying things.

12. Ferpection

Ferpection is a site that tests usability. They call their studies “missions.” That way, you feel like you’re on a trip right away, which I think makes it a little more fun.

But the main reason it’s on this list is the money you can make once you join, no matter what they call their tests. I think it’s pretty good that most missions will let you make around £5.

13. PlaytestCloud

PlaytestCloud is a great app testing site where you can get paid to play mobile games.

You will be asked to try out new mobile games and can earn around $9 for every 15 minutes of testing. If you like playing games on your phone, this could be a fun way to make extra money. Just keep in mind that the invites to paid tests will come a long time apart.

Although people from almost every country can join, most of the paid jobs will be found by people from the US, UK, or Canada.

14. TryMyUI

If you know how to test websites, a site like TryMyUl could be a great choice. People can write for better user experience on any company’s website through this site. This site is a lot like UserTesting, and it will only take you 20 minutes to test it.

You’ll love this site because it pays quickly, and you’ll get paid through PayPal. Most people in North America can test, and it only takes about 20 minutes on average. If you are looking for a website that works like UserTesting, TryMyUl could be a good choice.

15. Conversion Crimes

User testing sites like Conversion Crimes let you perform tests for other people to earn extra money. The site provides software for recording your screen.

You will get paid a certain amount every time you finish a user testing job. After that, you’ll be able to use PayPal to get your money. Payments are made every Monday night (EST). That is, the money you made from Tuesday of the previous week until the payment is processed will be sent to your PayPal account.

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